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Our rich mix of Enterprise, SME and startup experiences allows us to bring value to your ideas and make them a reality. Our foundation is constructed with talent, energy, commitment and value for relationships, and we make sure it stays solid with pillars of trust.

What We Do

Simply put, we solve problems and create opportunities for businesses to discover their true potential by chalking out inefficiencies and replacing them with valuable insights and innovative processes.

Hyperledger Fabric

Pick up the pace by enterprise-grade blockchain solutions leveraging Hyperledger Fabric. RS efficiently prepare tailored commercial licensing models for business entities of all shapes and sizes.

Ethereum Blockchain

Availing the most reliable, scalable and secure blockchain, Ethereum, to create tailored-made futuristic Ethereum apps for enterprises.

Corda Blockchain

Unlock a new level of business potential by building blockchain solutions above Corda. Experience minimized costs, streamlined transactions and Interoperability via RS’s Corda Blockchain Solutions

EOS Blockchain

Disrupt your Industry with our EOS blockchain solutions! RS effective EOS development empowers lightning transaction speed, higher transaction rate and seamless deployment.

Data Visualisation

Our tailored data visualization solutions help businesses navigate through all aspects of data that bring remarkable business results. Our experts transform data into stunning smart insights using visualization tools and techniques which enable brands to create strategic digital solutions.

Big Data Analytics

Allow RS big data analytics experts to gain valuable business insights, drive growth, and make precise decisions. By using market-proven tools and techniques, our big data analysts assist in capitalizing massive data to understand customer actions, optimize operations, manage risks, and empower innovation..

Social Media Analytics

Analyze what your customers are talking about you and your products/services on social media. See where your competitors stand on social media.

Deep Learning

RS leverage deep neural networks and latest AI technologies to analyze complex business needs and voiced-out relationships in data to predict future outcomes. Our technical rich expertise in deep learning and AI protect, grow and empower businesses to unlock greater value and growth.

Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered solutions for everyone! Unlock a new level of potential with our expertise in problem-solving, AI algorithm, machine learning and computer vision. RS offers innovative intelligent systems..

Augmented/Mixed Reality

Digitally transforming businesses with Augmented Reality! RS powers companies with AR-based solutions, turning any 3D model to reality. Our augmented reality development expertise delivers multiple AR solutions to flourish eCommerce, healthcare, retail, education, and other industries.

Virtual Reality

Step into another world; experience things in an entire digital realm and take virtual reality to the max with RS’s exhilarating VR solutions.RS is transforming industries like healthcare,fashion,real estate and education.

Business Analytics

Allow RS to dive deep into your business data and drive 360-degree insights to enhance profitability. Our business intelligence solutions help enterprises optimize ROI, predict future risks, enable real-time analysis, and identify up-selling opportunities..

Case Studies

We take pride in our versatile clientele and diverse portfolio. Take a look at some of our work and tell us if you can relate to it. If not, feel free to just say hi. Yes, we are friendly and professional.

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Green Secure

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Alladin Wallet

Aladdin Pro Wallet gives multi-layered protection with maximum security and transparency. It is...

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The ability to apply Blockchain, Data Science & AI is no less than a blessing because it never stops getting interesting, so we never have to stop being passionate about what we do.

Our Process

Understanding requirements is one of the most crucial part of the software development process. Give us an hour to solve a problem, and we will spend two-thirds of it defining what the problem is because we know execution is a piece of cake for us once our planners are satisfied!

Wanna know the secret to world-class development? It's creating software on paper first! Then, our UI / UX designers leave it to their mockups to boast their superior intellectual capacities. We simply get into your shoes and give life to whatever’s on your mind while adding value by identifying futuristic needs proactively along the way.

We imbibe what’s on your mind so well; it allows us to execute our Develop Once strategy, and it allows you to sit back and smile while we steer your ideas towards reality. Transparency and prompt communication at all stages helps us build our relationship, while delivering what’s promised makes them last forever!

A well-developed software is carefully driven to perfection at this stage. Continuous testing, integration and deployment guarantees seamless versioning and user experience. This is where we reap the benefits of our strenuous planning and design strategy.

It’s not just software development, it’s a journey, and we make sure it’s as comfortable and smooth for you as possible. We help you with every step and launching is definitely one of our favorites.

Our dedication and professionalism is what you will enjoy. Our post-development support allows us to strengthen our relationship even more. Fast communication, excellent customer and user experience feedback and really helpful are a few repeating comments from our clients!


  • Corda

  • Eosio

  • Ethereum

  • Hyperledger

  • Quorum

  • AWS

  • Azure

  • Digital Ocean

  • Google Cloud

  • Vultr

  • Angular JS

  • Nop Commerce

  • React Js

  • Cassandra

  • Firebase

  • PostgreSql

  • MySql

  • Mongo DB

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