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We offer innovative and market-leading solutions

NFT Marketplace

We develop NFT marketplaces for ‘artrepreneurs’. With exquisite designs and seamless deployment, we bring your ideas to life.

Crypto Exchange

We offer a ready-to-launch crypto exchange that can be tailored to your needs and rolled out to the market easily.

Crypto Trading Bot

T.R.O.C is a market-making bot that actively monitors exchanges round the clock and executes trades as per selected strategies & indicators.

Crypto bridge

The Crypto bridge is our gateway through which users can convert their crypto assets into (and back from) one Chain and another Blockchain’s wrapped tokens.

AR Coupon Marketing Solution

An innovative tailor-made solution that targets the discount market and is integrated with AR technology to bring an immersive experience for its users.

Multi-Coin Wallet Solution

Our multi-coin wallet solution enables users to bring all their digital assets in one place and conveniently trade across multiple exchanges.

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About us

Our white-label solutions are powering tech startups!

We are a team of expert who are building blockchain-powered solutions to shoot for the moon! We can develop white-label solutions with the latest technologies, and as manifested by multiple deployments across the world, we can convert any idea into a functional reality.

Not only that, our white-label solutions are powering startup companies and enabling SMEs to fully explore their potential and expand their operations.

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Our Process

Our Working Process To Help You Boost Your Business

Ideate & Analyse

We sieve through requirements, add fresh ideas and devise solutions with perfect user experiences that bring clarity to your strategic goals.

Design & Develop

Our design and development teams join forces to actualize the ideas into a perfect reality. Bringing forward a prototype through which the key stakeholders can get the feel of the product.

Test & Deploy

We go through rigorous end-to-end usability & unit testing process to ensure uninterrupted performance of the proposed solution in order to move forward with seamless deployment.

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Our portfolio speaks louder than our words

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    SupportTypically replies within a day

    Hello! 👋🏼 What can we do for you?