B2P for Procure-to-Pay

Global Economic conditions around the world have led businesses to grab on to every single penny that they own. The digital environment around has also left our currency compromised at the hands of unreliable systems that can easily be hacked. Given that, the flow of cash is being mismanaged at some point of transaction therefore, a secure solution must be developed to make services like Procure-to-Pay more reliable and efficient. Transforming the Procure-to-pay system on blockchain technology is one of the many services that we can provide to our clients.

Work on Blockchain

Developed on Corda

The need for a secure and appropriately maintained system for making online purchasing and payment processes seamless and error-free has grown tremendously, especially when all the businesses are operating online. Developed on Corda, Our P2P is a fully integrated blockchain solution, first of its kind, revolutionizing the supply chain management on a new level and making P2P more efficient.

Provided Benefits

Our solution will provide you with vast features, on top of which we will cater to your specific needs otherwise the solution will inevitably provide you with the benefits of blockchain such as security, transparency, irreversible data records, data integration with the existing ERP system, relevant data access for all stakeholders, traceability of purchase orders in real-time and the integration with revenue department to support digital tax invoice and receipts.

Impeccable UX/UI Design

All of these features require an intricate UX/UI design to make the end-product user friendly and accessible for all types of users.

Greater Value to Life

This service is not only benefiting your business, it benefits the quality of your life as well. It is of great value to the cause of green movement by cutting back on paper invoice, saves you time to be more productive throughout the day, it saves you money by cutting back on operations cost and quickens the invoice processing time by automatically clearing the account payables for buyers.

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