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Bitcoin Ordinals:
The Future of NFTs !

Lately, the crypto world has been abuzz with the emergence of Bitcoin NFTs, commonly referred to as "Bitcoin Ordinals."
Launch your NFT collection on Bitcoin's Blockchain.

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What are Bitcoin Ordinals?

Bitcoin Ordinals are a new kind of NFT generated using the “inscription” process, which utilizes Bitcoin or “sats.” The Ordinal number is associated with a particular number of sats and is recorded on the Bitcoin ledger. Unlike regular NFTs, the graphic binary data of Bitcoin Ordinals is stored directly on the blockchain, rather than being linked to IPFS or a website. This unique characteristic of Bitcoin Ordinals makes them more secure and decentralized.

Our Digital Artifacts / Inscriptions

Ordinal NFTs also known as digital artifacts or inscriptions, allow users to mint non-fungible tokens onto Bitcoin’s blockchain.