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Benefits of Blockchain in Government

On January 3, 2009, an anonymous genius β€” Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, hitting the headlines as the first-ever cryptocurrency. Along with this emerged blockchainRead More!

Blockchain Impact in Healthcare Industry – Blockchain Is Good for Your Health

The Healthcare Industry has seen a new lease of life with the development of blockchain-based innovations. These health solutions are gaining momentum and disrupting the healthcare industry. Acco

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Four Ways Blockchain is Flourishing Agriculture

Blockchain saw tremendous hype as major industries like Fintech, healthcare and retail started exploring new ways of leveraging distributed ledger and blockchain technology for the betterment of the world but what if we could examine the

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T.R.O.C – A premier white-label Crypto Trading Bot by Reactive Space

With the launch of cryptocurrencies, the world witnessed a new addiction: trading cryptos! With such a volatile market, you can’t blame them traders. With the great rise and fall of Bitcoin essentially, traders could not help but dive

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Blockchain Use Cases for Banks and Financial Services

Financial Industry has seen major technological advancements over the years. However, significant financial processes continued to remain deeply inefficient, error-prone, and expensive. These issues, combined with the existing faulty eco

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How to Avoid Business Risks When Adopting New Technology?

Business risks are defined as the chances of a commercial business to not achieve its financial goals. You may have heard, entrepreneurs are business risk-takers. But the truth is, embracing a successful busi

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The Future of Digital Marketing With Artificial Intelligence

AI has brought a change in industries, and the digital marketing world is no exception. Gone are the days when Artificial Intelligence (AI) was just science fiction. It was almost 100 years ago when

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Have Emerging Technologies Found Cure for Coronavirus?

Coronavirus has sparked a healthcare crisis worldwide. This deadly virus which originated from Wuhan, China, is now rapidly spreading and the death ratio has already exceeded the SARS outbreak in 2003. Huge mea

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