What is a WhiteLabel Coupon Marketing Solution?

Our coupon marketing solution is designed to target the discount market. It offers an opportunity for investors & entrepreneurs to target nearby businesses for special discounts/coupons. It is developed as a tailor-made website & mobile application, embedded with augmented reality to bring an immersive experience for its users. It allows them to interact with a digital simulation, deployed in a real-life setting through the mobile camera.

We also offer a wide range of value-added features
for Coupon Marketing

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    • Business Intelligence

    • Measurable return on investment

    • Robust interactivity

    • Portability

    • 3D Object Tracking

    • Mapping Support

    How it Works

    Users open up their app, the app determines their location through GPS, and on the map, provided within the application, the coupons and discounts appear. Each coupon is on top of its designated pin on the map. You get access to only those coupons and discounts that are within a certain radius of your location. However, we can do a lot more based on our client’s requirements.

    Our Custom Coupon
    Marketing Solution is perfect for

    • Brands

    • Entrepreneurs

    • SMEs

    Benefits and Opportunities

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