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Why A White Label
Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Building an Exchange from scratch ain't easy, so our white label cryptocurrency exchange is a ready-to-launch product that can be tailored to your needs and rolled out to the market easily.

Save Cost
With your white label exchange tailored to your taste, you can divert all that development budget to marketing a nd sales for good. Better invest in liquidity rather than building what's already out there for you.

Save Time
Invest your time in building your trading community rather than building an exchange from scratch. Time is money and money needs to be spent where it deserves.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development Services

We specialize in building immersive environments that are leveraged for collaboration, planning, evaluating, and training. 

Centralized Exchange Development

Provide your potential users the power to trade cryptocurrencies in an ultra-secure environment with a blazing-fast centralized, superior crypto exchange crafted meticulously by the best Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company.

Decentralized Exchange Development

Set up an advanced decentralized exchange to enable your customers to avert the risks of centralization and trade confidently with privacy, security, and full control. Our unbeaten experience in harnessing distributed ledger technology helps customers to build scalable DEXs with modular architecture.

P2P Exchange Development

Address the most pressing issues of centralized and decentralized exchanges and combine the strengths of both by building a progressive P2P crypto exchange platform integrated with market-leading features and a robust dispute redressal module.

Bitcoin Exchange Development

For the currency or currencies built and held digitally, we build highly accountable, scalable Bitcoin exchange software to enable seamless trading and maximum adoption. We have hands-on experience in building customized Bitcoin exchange as well as turnkey solutions such as white label Bitcoin exchange and Bitcoin exchange script.

Derivatives Exchange Development

Stay ahead of the game with our premium cryptocurrency derivatives exchange development solutions. We build innovatory feature-packed derivatives exchange platforms that commit to the highest performance standards, ensuring quick, easy, and secure trading of crypto derivatives.

Margin Trading Exchange Development

Bring in margin cryptocurrency trading into your existing business to enjoy a larger pool of investors gathering over your trading ecosystem. Our ultra-modern trading platforms enable customers to earn up to 100X over their investments and gain the most from market swings in a secure environment.

Non Fungible Token Exchange Development

The escalating demand for NFT exchange development coincides with the tremendous growth of the NFT market. Antier, being a leading crypto exchange development company enables customers to launch scalable exchange platforms that deliver a world-class trading experience for a sweeping range of NFTs.

Security Token Exchange Development

Take the top spot in the trillion-dollar niche with an ideal, next-generation security token exchange platform. Being a pioneering cryptocurrency trading software development company, we are committed to developing a security token exchange that adheres to the highest standards of UI/UX, security, functionality, scalability, and performance.

Over-the-counter Trading Platform Development

Antier has emerged as a dependable exchange software development company by delivering Over-the-counter (OTC) trading platforms that eliminate slippage and facilitate huge cryptocurrency trades at a lightning-fast speed. Leverage our mission-driven solutions and blockchain development expertise to lead the game.

How can you generate profits as an investors?

We specialize in building immersive environments that are leveraged for collaboration, planning, evaluating, and training. 


Conversion Charges

Market Making

Funding and Growth

Transaction Fee

Build High-ROI Generating Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

As the crypto adoption continues to snowball, it is evident that a large number of businesses will jump on the bandwagon. In order to face the fierce competition, it is not only imperative to launch crypto exchange software with market-leading features but to come up with it as soon as possible.

Prime Modules Of Our Exchange Software Development Solution

Our fully-featured, highly extensile, scalable, and dependable white label bitcoin exchange solution includes the following key modules:

Client App Dashboard

User-authentication and authorization

In-Built Electronic Wallets

Detailed and Convenient Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency trading Engine

Admin Panel

Data Rich Dashboards

Real-Time View of Trades

Transaction Details

Transaction History

User’s Details

Payment Order Dashboard

Order Book

List Of Open Orders

Order history

List of Recent Orders

User-authentication and authorization

Bid Table and Ask Table Overview

Key Features of White Label Exchange Software

Our white label exchange is underpinned with industry-leading features that include, but are not limited to

High-Volume TPS

High-Powered Trading Engine


500+ Cryptocurrencies and Fiat Support

Bot Trading

Referral and Reward Program

High-Liquidity At All Market Conditions

Advanced Chart Tools

Payment Gateway Integration

Staking Module

Enterprise-Grade Multi-cryptocurrency Wallet

Advanced Admin Dashboard