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Device Intelligence

Profile every single device on your app & website in real time.

Stop fraud, build trust, and drive growth without causing friction for your good customers.


Stop fraud before it starts

Detect and stop fraud in real-time with device intelligence powered by machine learning.


Build trust with your users

Know which users, devices, and accounts are trustworthy. Ensure that fraudsters don't ruin everyone else's experience.

Maximize your revenue

Every fraud threat damages your bottom line. We detects and blocks all fraud before it hurts your profits.


Transform the way your organization fights fraud


Harness the global standard for device identification and empower your business to detect every single device with unparalleled accuracy.

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Powered by cutting-edge machine learning technology

Our proprietary machine learning engine is the cornerstone of our entire device fingerprinting process. It analyzes millions of device data points in real time to provide the most complete and comprehensive picture of risk.

The Global Intelligence Network

Spanning six continents, the Global Intelligence Network enables our technology to block new and unknown fraud attacks before damage happens.

7 Billion 

devices profiled


user accounts protected

Prevent fraud across the user journey


Fake Accounts

Account Takeovers

Referral & Promo Abuse

Account Sharing

Incentive Abuse & Collusion

Identity Fraud

Payment Fraud

Spam & User Abuse

Subscription Abuse

Bot Attacks

" Reactive Space exceeded our expectations and proved to be quick problem-solvers.. "

Lauren, California

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