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Blockchain Development Services

We offer futuristic Blockchain development solutions to help clients grow in this thriving market. We provide services in areas like

Cryptocurrency Development

Handoff your cryptocurrency development to our team of qualified engineers. Our team has real-world experience creating a range of crypto tokens, bitcoins, altcoins, NFTs, custom smart contracts, etc., with bank-level security features that help investors trade safely within a decentralized blockchain network. 

NFT Marketplace Development

We bring our multi-year eCommerce development knowledge to create NFT marketplaces with added layers of security, allowing digital collectors to buy/sell tokens safely, without chances of duplication.

ICO and IEO Development

Are you looking for a tech partner who can execute your ICO and IEO development tasks and get results of which you can be proud? Bring us in. We have the expertise to develop token-based fundraising platforms with many use cases, some still untapped, to give you an edge in the token sale market.

Hyperledger Solutions

Our robust hyperledger solutions add modularity to apps, improve scalability, never let private info go public, and allow data sharing on a need-to-know basis.

Decentralized App Development

Need end-to-end dApp development? Team up with us to create robust dApps built on advanced public blockchains (like Ethereum) that make crypto exchanges open, transparent, and permissionless, removing all third-party involvements and headaches.

Blockchain Consultation

We know that it takes more than just an idea to achieve blockchain success. So, our experts provide consultations, like how to start and where to focus, to help you get going in your blockchain journey confidently.

Crypto Wallets Development

We know how to ideate, create, and tailor beautiful crypto wallets that offer a fantastic user experience with simple layouts and identifiable functions that are easy to operate.

Smart Contract Development

We have the expertise to develop and deploy smart contracts in blockchain platforms for reducing delays and legal hassles otherwise caused due to paperwork and manual interventions.

Centralized / DEX Development

We align our services with what you want. You could either want a fully centralized exchange system with admin control. Or a decentralized platform with no intermediary. We are proficient in developing both depending on who your exchangers are.

DeFi Solution Development

Our high-quality DeFi solutions provide much simpler and quicker peer-to-peer (or wallet-to-wallet) crypto transfers without bringing any central authority as a facilitator, thus re-Defi-ning banking without involving the banks.

POC Development

Our team creates a Proof of Concept (POC) in around 4-5 weeks to evaluate your blockchain app’s market readiness, applicability, potential and get a sense of how it will work in the long run.

Blockchain Staff Augmentation

We want to take burdens off your shoulders. So, we help you hire offshore blockchain developers at short notice to fulfill your temporary spikes. And we ramp down when demands are low. So, you pay for what’s required only and not a penny more.

Technology Stack We Use

Our blockchain developers provide you the quality you need and the flexibility you want using the following tech stacks:

Cloud & Containerization

AWZ  |  Azure  |  CCP  |  Docker  |  Kubernetes  |  ElasticBox  |  EKS/ECR

Platforms & Blockchains

Ethereum  |  Solana  |  Tezos  |  Polkadot  |  Cardano  |  Hyperledger


Solidity  |  Angular  |  Golang  |  Java  |  JavaScript/jQuery  |  Node.js  |  React.js


ST-20  |  ERC-20  |  ERC-721  |  ERC-1559  |  AML  |  KYC  |  GDPR  |  PSI DSS

Our Blockchain Development Process


Discovery Stage

We look at your project requirements at this stage. We try to get a sense of what blockchain solutions you need. Each blockchain network (public, private, and hybrid) has distinct pluses and minuses. So, we decide which one will best drive your goals. In short, we gather all requirements at this stage and form an initial workflow based on that.