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Metaverse Development Company NYC

Reactive space craft transformative metaverse experiences that push the boundaries of what's possible in the digital realm. We believe in the power of the metaverse to revolutionize industries, connect people in unprecedented ways, and reshape the future of human interaction.

Ready to embark on a metaverse adventure?

In this rapidly evolving digital landscape, Reactive space- a pioneering metaverse development services in NYC, represents a convergence of virtual reality, augmented reality, and the internet with. It is an immersive universe where users can explore, create, and interact with both real and virtual elements. From gaming and entertainment to education, commerce, and beyond, the metaverse holds immense potential for businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking to tap into this new frontier.

Metaverse Services for Forward-Thinking Entrepreneurs

Whether you're looking to harness the metaverse for enhanced customer engagement, an entrepreneur aiming to launch a metaverse-based business, or an individual with a unique metaverse vision, our consultants are here to guide you every step of the way.


Metaverse Events

Our team designs personalized virtual environments that are easily accessible through web browsers. These environments aid businesses in engaging their audience during team meetings, conferences, product launches, and events.


Education And Training

Our customer-focused metaverse education and training sessions save time, costs, and resources. We develop business-oriented educational materials and training content to increase the growth and expansion of our client's businesses. Furthermore, we're producing virtual manuals that enable our client’s potential customers to get a better understanding of their products.



Our workshop services enable businesses to convey their ideas through interactive sessions and demonstrations. With our metaverse solutions, we unleash the potential of real-time, two-way communication. Businesses can now offer potential buyers the opportunity to experience product usage by placing an option on their website. Additionally, businesses can showcase product-related activities on their websites.


Prioritization And

Our prioritization and visualization services assist in prioritizing and visualizing upcoming projects. We cater to the real estate industry, architectural designers, e-commerce stores, and game developers, enabling them to visually showcase their products through 3D modeling of objects in virtual environments.

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Metaverse Development Solutions that Illuminate Pathways to Digital Success

At Reactive Space, we offer comprehensive metaverse solutions that empower businesses, entrepreneurs, and creative individuals to thrive in the dynamic digital landscape.

Direct Brouser Access.jpg
Browser-Based Direct Access

With cutting-edge cloud rendering technology you don’t need to install anything, you can directly access it over the browser.

Secure and Trusted.jpg
Secure and Reliable

We lead security and reliable solutions as our priority and that’s why we are trusted by our B2B and B2C international entities.

Special Communication.jpg

With seamless communication, we can give you a more reliable understanding of space with voice chats, 3D Virtual Spaces, and Avatars.

Customized Spaces.jpg
Personalized Spaces

Our designers will make nice places for your business and events to embrace in our virtual environments.


We provide advanced measurability tools with our business solutions to keep tracking progress.

Real Time event.jpg
Real Time Events

We arrange real-time events for polling, screen sharing, open discussion, and closed room discussions.

Choose Metaverse to Discover the Future of Digital Interaction

In a world where digital experiences are constantly evolving, the metaverse stands out as a groundbreaking frontier that offers limitless possibilities. Choosing the metaverse means embracing a new paradigm of immersive and interactive digital environments that transcend traditional boundaries. At MetaVerse Development Services, we believe in the transformative power of the metaverse, and here's why you should choose it too.


Development Packages

Book Your Metaverse Experience Now!

Meeting & Workshop Packages

Organise your meetings with clients and staff beyond borders and work experience through Meeting & Workshop Package.

Users can share a screen and have 3D audio chats in Reactive metaverse environments established for meetings and workshops. 

It is easy, cost effective and only takes a moment to get connected with users beyond borders.

✓  25 maximum attendees
✓  Appropriate for smaller gatherings
✓  Accessible via a browser

Conference Event Packages

Host virtual conferences through Conference Event Package in splendid venues for hundreds of guests living in different countries for global networking and connectivity.  You can also launch your new product and services in those events, and attract potential buyers. This package enables the users to choose interactive rooms of their choice for their audience according to their agenda.

✓  4 Rooms
✓  250 maximum attendance, 8 sponsors
✓  Accessible via a browser

Custom Metaverse

Earn higher retention rate and customer engagement through our easily accessible URL link carrying a metaverse world in itself. Our Custom Metaverse Event empowers users to design stunning, branded events that can be accessible via a single URL from any location in the world. We offer everything that makes an event interesting from virtual spaces to gamification tools and components.

✓  Number of attendees can be scaled
✓  Unique and custom design
✓  Accessible via a browser

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NFT Marketplace

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