What is a WhiteLabel
Multicoin Wallet?

We offer a solution that is entirely and exclusively developed for clients as per their requirements and are equally competent with the already existing ones. A multicoin crypto wallet is a type of crypto wallet that supports multiple coins or tokens such as bitcoin, litecoin, ether, etc. Users can hold their digital assets in these wallets, trade them from within the wallet, or purchase through their debit/credit cards, each transaction shall be protected with an encryption key. This wallet gives the user the liberty to bring all their digital assets in one place and conveniently trade across multiple exchanges.

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Whitelabel Multicoin Crypto
Wallet is Great For

    • Cryptocurrency Traders

    • Holders

    • Entrepreneurs

    • Businesses

    • Asset Management Companies

    • Financial Organizations

    How it Works

    Cryptocurrency traders tend to hold more than one type of cryptocurrency. In such a case, users prefer a wallet that supports all of the major cryptocurrencies in order to pursue their crypto trading activities from a single wallet. The multi-coin wallet allows users to trade their multiple digital assets directly from the wallet. These wallets are secured with digital signatures which authenticate every transaction with the help of encryption keys. It also stores the address on a blockchain where a particular asset resides. Therefore, ensuring the users that their digital assets are safe and secure, and they can continue making transactions.

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