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What Is A WhiteLabel
Multicoin Wallet?

We offer a solution that is entirely and exclusively developed for clients as per their requirements and are equally competent with the already existing ones. A multicoin crypto wallet is a type of crypto wallet that supports multiple coins or tokens such as bitcoin, litecoin, ether, etc. Users can hold their digital assets in these wallets, trade them from within the wallet, or purchase through their debit/credit cards, each transaction shall be protected with an encryption key. This wallet gives the user the liberty to bring all their digital assets in one place and conveniently trade across multiple exchanges.

Understanding Different Varieties Of Online Crypto Wallets

A crypto wallet is a software that allows users to safely store their private keys and secure their cryptocurrencies. In addition to providing security to the users' crypto funds and assets, wallets also facilitate a quick and smooth transfer of cryptocurrencies.

Decentralized crypto wallets are the ones where the responsibility for the security and storage of the private keys is with the users. Being a non-custodial wallet, the company only provides the users with software assistance. In non-custodial wallets, the private keys are stored offline or locally on the user's device.

Two types of decentralized wallets are:

Hot Wallets:
Hot wallets are online software crypto wallets that are connected to the internet and can be easily accessible from desktops and smartphones for quick cryptocurrency transfers.

Cold Wallets:
Cold wallets are hardware crypto wallets similar to a hard drive that isn't connected to the internet and store the private keys offline on the physical wallet device.

Tap Into the Crypto Industry With Our World-Class Wallets Aligned To Meet Your Business Needs

Mobile Wallet

Accessible over mobile devices, our crypto mobile wallets are compatible with iOS and Android platforms. The interface of these wallets is designed to promote usage-convenience to the on-the-go users while ensuring that they have easy access to all the wallet functionalities.

Desktop Wallet

Our desktop crypto wallets are ready-to-install applications compatible with any regular Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems like desktops and laptops. With desktop wallets, users can store their private keys on their systems.

Chrome Extension Wallet

Our web wallets are stored as browser extensions. Users can access their web wallets from any computer through web interfaces that unlock with authenticated log-in. Log-insecurity and encryption protect the users’ private keys.

Unlock The Business Potential Of Crypto Wallets With Us

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All-Inclusive Features Of Our White-Label Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

Backed with cutting-edge technologies, automated tools and powerful features, we strive to deliver performance-optimized white label cryptocurrency wallet solutions that are in streamline with your business goals.

Home Screen Customization

A customized dashboard enables users to easily scroll through the cryptocurrencies and add them to their portfolios.

User Privacy

We integrate 12-word secret phrases instead of private keys to increase privacy and help users recover their wallet accounts easily.

Automated Conversions

The automatic conversion feature allows users to instantly convert crypto into fiat currencies.

Buy Crypto With Credit Card

Our solutions include features that allow users to buy cryptocurrencies with their choice of credit cards.

Enhanced Security

Offer a highly secure environment with multi-layer security protocols for users to send, receive and store cryptocurrencies.

Sell Crypto

Enable smooth and secure selling of cryptocurrencies directly from the wallet and get the money credited to the bank account or credit card.

User-friendly Interface

An appealing and simple interface allows both beginners and professional traders to easily use the wallet.

Instant Transactions

In-chat transaction facility allows users to easily share their credentials and transfer crypto assets without the involvement of any third party.

KYC /AML Verification

Geography-based KYC/AML verification safeguards the user funds in the wallet and authenticates the transactions.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

We deliver  wallet development solutions that are compatible with iOS, Windows & Android for secure and seamless accessibility from any device.

Multi-cryptocurrency Support

Our wallet development solutions provide support for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other tokens facilitating seamless multi-coin storage and management.

QR Code Scanner

OR code scanner feature ensures accurate and automatic scanning of wallet address removing the cope of human erro

Auto Rejection Of Duplicate Payments

We incorporate the latest systems that automatically deny any duplicate payments to avoid any chargebacks.

NFC Support

Near Field, Communication support simplifies digital assets exchange and sharing between users by automatically fetching the buyer's wallet address.